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Plastic Extrusion Machine
Plastic  Printing  Machine
Microprocessor Bag Making Machine


  The machinery we have installed in our production units gives the following benefits to the customer:
  Quality in production processes using micro-processor controlled machinery
  Higher-output reducing the production time considerably
  On-time delivery
  The degree of sophistication of our machinery will let you comprehend the importance we attach to the production of flawless products. The machinery we possess include:
  Plastic Extrusion Machinery
KLOCKNER WINDSOR HMHDPE & LLDPE Film Plant with Rotating Die
KLOCKER WINDSOR PP Film Plant with 3 Discs and Chilling plant
KOLSITE HMHDPE Blown Film Plants
Plastic Printing Machinery
Flexomatic Printing Machine with Electronic Corona discharge surface treating equipment
Plastic Bag Making Machinery
Imported Bag Making Machinery
Micro Processor Controlled Automatic Bag Making Machine
Wide Width Sealing M/C
Power Resources
Two Generator Sets of 125KVA and 82.5KVA capacity.
Production Capacity
  We have the one of the largest processing capacity under one roof in South India. The various lines of plastics, which we can produce include:
Extrusion Plastics
Bag making
Multicolor printing
Injection Moulding Plastics
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